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December 2010



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Dec. 19th, 2010

to those that i have added, or joined.

 to all the people on my livejournal that i add, or have joined your community, i really do hope you read this.
i must apologize if i do not comment, if i am not constantly on here updating my journal etc. i find it rather unfair to those that send me messages saying no you can not join so and so's community because you're not very active. well excuse me, but no i do not constantly update my journal, i simply come on here to look, and admire ones photos. sometimes i comment, but that does not seem to be enough. anyways my point is to let you know that is rude and annoying to read something like that. you all know your icons are beautiful, and that's why everyone adds you. anyways i don't seem to come off bitter, but i'm just saying. i would like to thank you for working so hard, and constantly editing pictures, because the end result is gorgeous. anyways to anyone who reads this, if any, happy holidays, and i hope you have a great Christmas.
thank you.

Jul. 1st, 2010

ill do my best to feel broke down.

Question to all!
why do we all try so hard to put others down? when a person is working towards something, like a dream. And that person is succeeding in it, why is there always someone out there to try and pull you down? to try and make you not achieve what you want? Its weird, its like success is a win lose situation. If you succeed will good job, but at the same time you'll have so many enemies and people that are trying to make you fall down. Its like a constant fight, one that will never end! I just find it weird, i understand jealousy and such, but if youre so jelous then stop focusing on others and maybe set goals that you can work to yourself. I know that sounds cheesy but its true. We all spend so much time focusing on everything happening around us and the people we surround ourselves with that we completely and totally forget about ourselves. It makes no sense to me! I really dont understand why everyone is so afraid to take that huge step that leads each individual to where they want to be. What do you have to lose? It makes sense to me, if you dont take a chance for yourself you'll always be wondering the "what if" and the answer will probably be that you were focusing to much on what others will think, or what others are doing that you forgot about what you wanted OR you were just scared. If you're scared then you know you're doing something right, but you have to concur that fear. Am i right? or am i looking to much into it?
pleaaase if anyone would like to prove me wrong please do so!